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Temporary Permanence

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15 Feb 24

Thoughts on FSRS

I've been trying FSRS for about a month now. Here's my thoughts on it so far:

  • I feel like I have a more manageable workload. However, part of me wonders if this is because I'm not putting all of my effort into studying a cert or a language.
  • I don't think about how my choices are affecting the ease factor anymore.
  • The 3-component model is a lot easier to understand than SM-2's ease.
  • I wish I had been studying more during the Fall. My stats page isn't reliable because my Anki usage was very sparse for most of 2023.
  • Some of the intervals for relatively new cards feel very long. I'm not sure what to make of this. I'll probably need to reflect on this again in a few months
  • Even with the helper add-on to auto-reschedule cards on sync on desktop, I still feel disincentivized to use Ankidroid due to lack of native support.
  • It has been a very positive experience overall.