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11 Apr 24

Learning to Use Your Hammer by Turning Things into Nails

There's the famous saying: "When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail". It's meant to imply that when your skills or tools are limited, you think it can be applied to anything and everything (and that this is a bad thing).

But what if you get your new hammer and want to learn to use it as fast and effectively as possible? It may be useful to learn to use it to solve problems it wasn't designed for. Examples:

  • You're learning Ansible and create playbooks to run on localhost instead of a bash script.
  • You're learning to draw and use a brush pen for sketching instead of a pencil.
  • You try containerizing an app that you'd have traditionally installed bare-metal.

This isn't something you should do in production - but I think it has its merits.