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Temporary Permanence

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08 Apr 24

Homelab and Selfhosting Redesign Mid-to-Post-Transition Thoughts

In a previous post, I talked about plans for moving from an expensive Google Cloud VPS and a full-fat SuperMicro server to a small Dell micro PC. It's been serveral weeks since that post and I wanted to give an update.

As of this moment, both the VPS and the server are shut down. Luckily, all of the services I care about appear to be working! All of my goals from the previous post (except for the UPS) have been realized - especially the rootless Podman.

I'll probably make a dedicated post about some of the specific services and what was necessary for each. For now, I'll give a bit of advice for anyone who might want to follow in my steps: It's probably easier to design the initial pod using podman commands then generate the Kube YAML than it is to use an existing YAML and adapt it for a different service.