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15 Jun 23

Resolved: Email Delivery Issues with Google Domains Email Aliases

This post is a combination announcement and “hey, this is how you fix this” post.

I’ve used Google Domains as my DNS registrar for several years now, and I’ve used the email address hinted at on my Contact page as a personal address for just about as long. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until recently that I learned that some senders can’t or won’t send to it because it is set up as an alias instead of a proper address.

The solution provided by Google is to use a Google Workspace email instead. I guess I’ll just have to add another address to Thunderbird.

For anyone who’s curious, here’s what Google has to say about the matter on their help page:

You may not get the email forwarded to you by senders with specific email authentication settings. Regardless of your mail settings in Google Domains, some email senders have rules that prevent their mail from being delivered with email forwarding systems.

Tip: To avoid delivery issues, use a custom email with Google Workspace instead of email forwarding.